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About Taunton

Welcome to Taunton School

Welcome to Taunton, a Leader in Me School,

Taunton has a wonderful history. A family-oriented school that welcomes students to participate in a wide array of activities to enrich, encourage, and support solid academic achievement. We also support an environment that encourages our students to practice their social achievements and share their leadership talents.

Every child entering our school is important to us and deserves the very best education we can offer. We must prepare our students for the skills that are necessary for them to be able to compete with the 21st century requirements.
About Taunton

Taunton School celebrated their 50th Anniversary this past school year. Fifty years as a wonderfully involved community school that welcomes all of its families and offers to them the best education possible.
Taunton School for the past three years has been a kindergarten to second grade building following a redistricting process that has allowed us to develop a sister school relationship which joins us with Aldrich School to continue the grades three through five educational journeys.

We are proud to share we are a Leader in Me Lighthouse School and have followed Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me process since 2011. This process allows us to focus on character education, student academic achievement, socio-emotional growth, and other skills that prepare our children for the 21st century. Everything we are doing is directly related to the district curriculum mandates that we are required to follow. We have been teaching our children the same 7 Habits that Mr. Covey spoke about in his many years of speaking to the corporate world. Our children have the opportunity of demonstrating how they can:
  1. Be Proactive
  2. Begin With the End in Mind
  3. Put First Things First
  4. Think Win-Win
  5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
  6. Synergize
  7. Sharpen the Saw
We create Mission Statements with our children and celebrate their success as they create and meet personal and academic goals. We recognize positive behaviors, synergizing, and problem solving. Pep rallies and praise are an important of our daily process and support our belief that every child has genius.

Children are eager learners, inquisitive, and full of ideas and wonder. We believe that it is our task to provide a foundation to help them enjoy that wonder, delve into their curiosity, and build their confidence.

Student-led conferences are a very important part of the Taunton Conference time. We encourage and support your children bringing you to the conferences. We are so invested in giving students a voice and feel that even our kindergarten students are able to share with you their goals and their success with those goals. We have witnessed our youngest students gleaming with pride when they can lead that conversation and we all listen.

Some of our other celebrations include:

Thanksgiving Feast where we invite our families to share in a full Thanksgiving meal with their children. Last year we served well over 500 meals.

Leadership Day is a one day event where our students help to plan, organize, present, and serve invited guests from all over the state. On this day our students lead tours, explain their activities, share their comments, entertain and share in the celebration of their accomplishments.

Leadership Night is also a one evening event in which our entire student body showcases their accomplishments and leadership skills with their parents. Our students are greeters, presenters, and organizers who take great pride in looking their audiences in the eye and shaking their hands with confidence and pride.

The Student Lighthouse Committee is made up of students who meet with a teacher sponsor and design service projects for the school year. They organize the projects, design the posters, and spearhead the events.

The Parent Lighthouse Committee is made up of parents who help to support the projects designed by the students and help also to organize and help with the Leadership Day and Night events.

Field Day is a huge event at Taunton School as we move the cafeteria outside, grill hotdogs and hamburgers, and set up fun stations so that our entire population spends the day on the playground in structured activities that encourage our children to Synergize (work together), Sharpen the saw(have healthy fun), and experience Win- Win ( I win then you win) as a celebration for all of their hard work in school.

Pep Rallies are comprised of a monthly whole school assembly, where the entire student population gathers to celebrate and cheer, as well as bi-weekly cafeteria acknowledgements. We honor students who have been selected because they “Caught a Habit.” Essentially, they have been spotted by teachers or peers as following one of the 7 Habits. During a special assembly once a month we sing, cheer, watch a short video and even dance. Every two weeks in the cafeteria, selected children receive a certificate and an “I Am A Leader” bracelet.”

We celebrate birthdays in the cafeterias with cheers, certificates, and little surprises to acknowledge their special day.

Other special holiday celebrations are organized in the classrooms with the help of parent assistants.

Each grade level designs and develops the activities they will be sponsoring during the school year.
Taunton School provides a colorful environment, where we have displayed important words from many

great leaders, murals of diverse leaders, and reminders of the 7 Habits.
We are honored to serve as an elementary building, and we are proud to support a safe/secure environment that provides, skilled educators, and great instruction.

Join us here at Taunton School and become a member of our team, together we will watch your children learn and practice their leadership skills.
It is the mission of Taunton School to maximize the learning potential of our students by promoting and modeling behaviors grounded by mutual respect and to provide academic, emotional, and physical support in a welcoming and challenging atmosphere that stimulates creative expression, independent and critical thinking, and respect for cultural diversity.

Core Values Statement
We believe:
  • Students learn best when provided with the necessary academic, social, emotional, and physical support, and with implemented principles of differentiated instruction and the use of necessary intervention resources.
  • Students learn best when the Core Curriculum Content Standards, Best Practices, and technology initiatives guide the curriculum.
  • It is important to inspire our students to become responsible citizens and life-long learners who value themselves and others.
  • Our staff must be committed to the continued growth of professional knowledge, practice, and skills, and to the encouragement of innovative teaching and professional collaboration.
  • It is imperative to provide students with a safe learning environment.
  • The learning community must promote and model positive behaviors and attitudes.
  • Mutual respect is the foundation of our school community.
  • Our staff must be committed to providing a welcoming environment and curriculum that develops respect and appreciation for the contributions of a diverse community.