2020/2021 Transportation information

Please be advised that as discussed in previous years, the Howell Township Public Schools Transportation Department continues to review and revise its transportation routes, number and location of stops and pick-up times. This process is designed to increase efficiency, reduce emissions and ensure our ability to sustain the service while balancing the fiscal and operational needs of the district and the community. In this process, many stop locations, walk distances and pick up times will be changing. Please do not assume your child’s stop will be the same as previous years.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of Howell Township Public School students will be able to obtain accurate new bus route information in late August by accessing the Power School Parent Portal.

Please note this has been a multi-year process and we are continuing the process, this is not the response to the current COVID-19 conditions. Those plans are also underway and may mean additional changes or accommodations. You will be informed of those plans separately as they are developed.   

Please make sure to check the parent portal for your child’s bus stop, along with bus route information in the event your stop has been moved.

Wishing you an enjoyable summer break.