Angela Papasso » Miss Papasso's Kindergarten Class: 2018-2019

Miss Papasso's Kindergarten Class: 2018-2019




September is finally here! I'm so excited to have your child in my kindergarten class this year! Kindergarten is a time of great growth for students and I have created many exciting educational experiences for your child that will help in fostering a life-time love for learning. The students will not only participate in lessons that are directly aligned with the standards, but also lessons of friendship, respect, manners and much more; all of which are imperative to succeed in life! I will always do my best to have a classroom where every students feel comfortable and differences are celebrated. We are a learning community that loves to collaborate and explore! September 5th, our journey will begin!:)


Below please find our Specials schedule:


Monday: Art

Tuesday: Computers 

Wednesday: Physical Education (please make sure to wear sneakers for gym)

Thursday:Physical Education (please make sure to wear sneakers for gym)

Friday: Media & Music 


Please feel free to contact me by written note, email or by phone with any questions, comments or concerns. It's important to stay in touch during this year of tremendous growth! My contact information is as follows:


Mrs. Licata: RM 10

Kindergarten Teacher at Taunton School